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the nation. according to the list, a san texas, has the nation's best economy. el paso, boston also made the top five. butd.c. area made the list, from number 6pped the list last year all the to number 17. >> that is fine. >> texas did well this year. be cold tonight, and clear. the temperatures are going to like iraq next week. -- a rock next week. we are expecting these lands to diminish. eight healthy breeze out there. -- a healthy breeze out there. these winds are diminishing. 31 right now in frederick county. 35 in the district. wind gusts as afternoon around 40 miles per hour. 49 and 41, the high and low of four today. average was 44 and 30. we will be well below that next week. numbers around the area right now. we are seeing are temperatures weregrees colder than they this time last night. a little bit of a warm-up well west. that will head in this direction. currente the temperatures. 39 in washington, 27 in pittsburgh. enough wind to drive those temperatures down. all because of low pressure penicillin across northern canada. -- bringing be pinwheeling across northern canada. h
application to facebook. detailson my journey across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. [ baby coughing ] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] >>> 5:16. on to the scandal at penn state. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky denied sexually abusing children. he did not give a direct answer when asked if he was sexually attracted to children. >> if i sent i am not attracted to boys, that's not the truth because i attractive to young people, boys girls. >> he is charged with molesting eight boys over a 15-year
new campaign ads. iowa caucuses are january 3. texas governor rick perry is ballot battle against to court. he is suing the state board of to get his name on the republican primary ballot. perry and newt gingrich did not have enough signatures to get on the ballot. the voting is march 6, which is "super tuesday." a rare look inside of north korea. a memorial for dictator kim jong ill. people lined the streets. kim jong un, -- escorted his body. >>> coming up on abc 7 news at noon. been on a lot of airplanes and stuff. stuff is about to happen. a spare on the runway. a pilot aborted takeoff without a moment to spare. then, making a statement about breast feeding. off proteststing popular store in our area. watch on the tape. customers of barely a tate -- escape and out of control police cruiser. all of that, and adam is back with the forecast. bring back the new heartbreaking details fireeing released in the killed five family members connecticut. and twosters died adults died. the sisters were trying to escape the home but were drawn heat and smoke. here is the 911 call that was b
things are going. >> reporter: then, there's texas congressman, ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> reporter: who has a strong organization in iowa. and got a boost from state senator kent sorensen, an influential tea party figure. left michele bachmann's campaign to sign up for team paul. >> ron paul is in the top tier. and i'm here to help him. >> reporter: michele bachmann says that ron paul would be a dangerous president. and jon huntsman called him unelectable. sunny and dan? >> wow. definitely a war of words going on there, tahman. turning to romney now. if he wins iowa, how would that shape this whole nomination fight? >> reporter: a victory for romney in iowa would be huge. keep in mind that he has almost a 30-point lead in new hampshire, the next state to vote. and iowa voters, the caucusgoers there are very conservative. and the romney campaign would love to show he has patched up problems among conservatives in the republican party. and make it seem there's a steady drum beat to the nomination. and that romney is the inevitable nominee. >> days
's barn after escaping on a texas freeway. the runaways, named comet and dancer, were en route to visit a school, when the trailer door opened in rush hour traffic. of a flood of 911 calls, they were safely corralled. >> even reindeer just want to enjoy the holiday. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions on your friday. icy on i-90, from erie, pennsylvania, to buffalo. also, slick on i-40, from raleigh to little rock. i-10, from baton rouge, to san antonio. and i-20, across texas. windy conditions in southern california. >> and if you're flying, just a couple weather-related airport delays. los angeles and houston. >>> chicago bears' wide receiver, sam hurd, is behind bars this morning, facing some pretty serious drug charges. >> he was arrested during an undercover sting operation wednesday night and accused of setting up a drug dealing network. prosecutors say he was looking to buy $700,000 of cocaine and marijuana a week. the investigation lasted yast year in texas. hurd says he is innocent. >>> two former penn state officials accused of stone walling a complaint about the se
the former house speaker a huge lead in iowa. he has a 15 point lead over mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul and a 22 point lead over texas governor rick perry. but new caucus goers say they could change their minds. >>> 58 degrees outside. >> still ahead even slower snail mail. the controversial cuts and what they could mean for your next trip to the post office. >> putting a holiday decoration policy to the test. the controversial displayed that outraged a community. >> from nearly 60 degrees to snowflakes. [ baby coughing ] [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner but too many plants don't use it. we c can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] >>> i am with the salvation army reminding you to give of yourself this holiday season. donate, volunteer, and make a difference. >> good morning, washington. >>> tuesday morning, 11. some areas of light rain northwest of the
's republicans favor the former speaker. mitt romney and ron paul in a distant second place. texas governor, former front-runner rick perry seven points behind them. 43% believe gingrich has best experience compared to gop rivals. 29% say he can beat president obama. >> trying to build on the momentum. gingrich here in the big apple for a closed door meeting with donald trump. with more about this unlikely political alliance here is abc's jake tapper with your voice, your vote. >> reporter: riding a wave of poll numbers and publicity, former house speaker, newt gingrich visited donald trump in manhattan. where he continued to talk changing t changing. >> i suggested to donald trump that he adopt a program of apprentices and take one of the poorest schools in new york city and create ten apprenticeships paid for part-time work. and he liked the idea a lot. he understooped whatd what i wag at. >> reporter: some republicans dispair ij the role played by trump. reality star and he fosters a circus like atmosphere. not newt. >> don add trump is a great businessman. we have to be open to new ways
. both head coaches seem to be attractive options for other schools. texas and baylor. robert griffin iii trying to state his heisman case. four touchdowns for him. two through the air. two more on the ground. this one from terrance williams. baylor wins 48-24 over the longhorns. second consecutive win over texas. baylor wins nine games in the season for the first time since 1986. staying in the big 12. kansas state makes it four in a row against iowa state. john hubert, 26 yard run. kansas wins 30-23. they have their first ten-win season since 2003. let's get another update from the big ten championship game. montee ball. moments ago. in fact, seconds ago. third touchdown of the game. and the badgers leading now 42-39. it's been a great season. enjoy the rest of your weekend. alright, so what's your victory dance? you do a mime thing? maybe a little moonwalk? answer a pretend phone call? well, whatever it is, get it ready, pal-cuz' it's time to enter the built ford tough big score. top prize is a 2012 f-150 with an ecoboost engine and the best mix of fuel economy and
orleans and montgomery. a foot and half of snow across new mexico and several inches in west texas. >> a snowy 21 in albuquerque. just 14 in fargo. 21 in minneapolis. 34 in kansas city. a mild 61 here in new york. and 52347 boston. >> a balmy 61 for the beginning of december. >> not bad for december. >>> some of the biggest names show business deseended on washington, d.c. for the kennedy center honors. >> meryl streep and barbara cook were just two of the winners. caroline kennedy was serenaded by smoky robinson. >> she's probably had a lot of people sing that over the years. >> she's enjoying it i think. >> makes you wonder. how many times has she had that has sung to her? >> so many. >> not with a crowd like that. >>> coming up, jerry sandusky speaks out about the sexual abuse allegations leveled against him. >>> also major changes coming to the u.s. postal sefrss. what it means for your mail delivery. >>> and how this car crashed thro >>> it's going to take longer for your cards and letters to arrive. facing bankruptcy, the u.s. postal service planning cuts that will virtually
to memphis, four to five inches above normal rainfall. and you're getting more today. and look at texas. here's some interesting news. dallas is two inches above their normal rainfall for the month of december. but remember, they're ten inches below normal for the year. they've got a lot of room to make up. most of the state of texas was in extreme drought right now. that drops down to eastern texas. western texas does not get rain today. and they desperately need it. here comes strong santa ana winds. for the system that brings some rain. you'll get the backside of powerful wind. ventura county, oxnard through l.a. ocean side, san diego, palm springs. you're getting the whipping wind of 60 miles per hour-plus, in some locations today. a little bit of sunshine to start our day to day. a little breezy periodically today and into tomorrow. now.0's right 5 in the district and winchester is at 46 degrees. we are on our way to the upper with areas of rain locally this afternoon. nothing too heavy or widespread. >> oh, that brutal december weather. atlanta hits a record 70 degrees today. robin? geo
diego to phoenix and albuquerque. downpours across texas. freezing rain in the twin cities. madison, and the upper peninsula of michigan. >> 40s from boston to atlanta. a beautiful 8 is in miami. 64 in new orleans. a foggy 39 in seattle and 27 in billings. >>> this is a crucial week in the penn state sex scandal. now developments about a key witness in the case. >>> with all that hang over him like a black cloud, former head coach joe paterno faces a health scare over the weekend. >>> and man's cell phone with shocking >>> welcome back, everybody. there are questions this morning about whether the euro euphoria will continue. markets were up on friday. many problems still remain. analysts say it may be just matter of time before investors realize that. >>> we're starting to see some of that on the overseas market this morning. tokyo's nikkei average rose 117 points today. hong kong's hang seng fell 11 points. in london, the ftse opened higher but then turned lower. on wall street, the dow gained 165 points. the nasdaq picked up 20 points. >>> today is known as green monday because t
and new mexico. flurries and freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around laredo and dallas. >> a warm 77 in miami. 53 in new york. upper 30s in detroit and omaha. 30 in minneapolis. a cool 59 in phoenix. 64 in san francisco. and 42 in seattle. >>> well, you may remember that young lady out in california who had lost her dog. >> that's right. arle arlene corona wore a bikini for six days. >> it worked. corona was reunited with her dog who was safe with a school nurse. the dog has a microchip to make sure she is never lost again. the bikini worked. >> i'm not so sure. i'm glad they're reunited. >>> we're just getting started. coming up, why it's actually healthy to swear. >> i'm going to live forever. >>> if you bought tickets from tick ticketmaster, you probably have money coming back to you. part of a huge settlement. >>> and coca-cola changing its can plan after public outcry. >>> welcome back, everybody. the markets will be paying pretty close attention this morning to the november jobs report. economists predict the report will say at least 100,000 new jobs were created
to texas we did from canada to texas. >>> the iraqi leader will urge the u.s. business community to look at investments and trade opportunities available in iraq. yesterday he and president obama placed agreed at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national to honor the and thousands of troops killed in the u.siraq owar. >>> iran reports that iranian experts are in the final stages of recovering data from the u.s. drone with stealth technology that malfunction. u.s. officials are trying to pressure iran into returning it. >>> 5:18. first lady michelle obama can take some credit for helping set a new world record. she joined 300,000 people participated in the 24-hour or jumping jacks activity in october. they shattered their old record. 20,000 people was the old record. this was part of her fitness initiative for children. >>> what is the best sports game of the year? >> , rob nelson has wan expert opinion. >> modern warfare 3 has earned $1 billion in sales in 16 days. last year's quality game was the best-selling video game of all time. now all but one is well on its way to topp
. >>> and in texas, near houston, two reindeer are safe tonight. santa need not worry. after they took an unscheduled trip, no doubt scouting a route for a christmas pageant. they were riding to a school in a trailer when a door opened. they escaped onto the highway. startled drivers called 11. >> there are two loose reindeer on the highway. >> there's two loose reindeer on the highway? >> yes, sir. i know that sounds funny, but they are. >> fortunately, the traffic was stop and go. the reindeer named comet and prancer were not hurt. call it a kind of christmas miracle. >>> still ahead, the science of parking. shoppers packing the malls. and we'll tell you how to beat some other drivers to the very best parking spot. i wanted support for my heart... and now i get it from centrum specialist heart. new centrum specialist vision... helps keep my eyes healthy. centrum specialist energy... helps me keep up with them. centrum specialist prenatal... supports my child's growth and development. new centrum specialist is a complete multivitamin that gives me all the benefits of centrum. plus additional support
on the life and times of texas gov. ann richards. >> a new way to get mentally prepared for traffic on 95. will it help with the commute? th >>> eight tv actress is making a splash on stage in washington combining politics and personality. >> she talks about her new role and spending time in the capital. >> i have been a fan of hers for a long time. tv people know her from "the practice." she opens her one-woman show at the region this weekend, a tribute to the late texas gov. ann richards. ann richards ruled taxes before george bush and rick perry. her death in 2006 saddened the actress who vowed to capture her personality on stage. >> after all ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did. she just did it backwards and in high heels. [applause] >> and richard'1988 speech helped her become governor. texas turned from blue to red. she lost reelection to george bush in 1994. >> it is about the persona and the impact of who she was. at the movies, "new year's eve" won the weekend. i am very much looking forward to seeing the play. there is a lot going on in our town. i think she is the per
, your voice, your vote. at last night's republican debate, one candidate, texas governor rick perry, came out swinging at congress, calling on them to take a big pay cut. but today, we learned something interesting about perry's paycheck. abc's jake tapper explains. >> reporter: governor rick perry is trying ining to blaze a pat making tough budget cuts. raising the age for recipients to receive medicare and social security. and taking on congressional pay. >> the idea that we have congress staying there as many days as they do and the salary they have, that's the reason i call for a part-time congress. cut their pay in half. >> reporter: one problem? financial disclosure forms released today show that perry is hfdouble-dipping in texas. at the same time he's drawing a $150,000 salary as governor, he formally retired this year, to start collecting more than $90,000 a year in a state pensi pension, through the employee retirement system or ers. >> they said, you're eligible to access your retirement now, with your military time and your time in service and, you know, i think it woul
opponents. >> we feel good about the numbers. >> been there is texas congressman ron paul. >> something has to change. something will change. >> he has a strong organization in iowa and got a boost when a state senator an influential tea party figure, a left michelle bachmann's campaign to sign up with this team. >> ron paul is in the top tier. >> that was the tahman bradley reporting. >>> a: 23 degrees in annapolis right now. >> still ahead on the run. police track down a serial slashing suspects but arresting him could pose a problem. -- 31 degrees right now. >> we will look that the worst and the best in hollywood from dunkin' k-cup packs are here. get america's favorite coffee for america's favorite single-cup brewer. try all five delicious varieties, only at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. >>> hi, i support the washington metropolitan artists. exhibit changes every month. support your local art community. good morning, washington. >>> it is a cold thursday morning, 6:10,. 33 degrees downtown. 23 in martinsburg, 25 in gaithersburg. 29 in quantico. not a
parts of texas. >>> rod blagojevich will soon learn his fate. the former illinois gov. is said to be sentenced today. he was convicted of 17 public corruption charges. stem from an attempt to sell the u.s. senate seat vacated by barack obama. prosecutors are pushing for a 15-20 year prison sentence. >>> some controversial decorations have become part of a heated hearing. someone set up the skeleton dressed in a santa claus suit. the county board of supervisors policy allows all kinds of holiday displays to be placed on the lawn. during the meeting, the woman who put that display up came and took it away. that is the focus of our online poll. the question is, what kind of restrictions should be put on holiday displays on public grounds? we will have the results at 5:00. still to come, the golden girl and her golden years. what is the secret to stay in as young as betty white? anderson cooper found [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless
in 1935. for stock texas to the upper d.c. -- first stop takes us to the upper northwest d.c. alexandria, 44. temperatures are slowly cooling this evening. the skies are still clear off to the north. temperatures will bottom out in the 30's. tomorrow, the rain will a ride get quite a bit. not a tremendous amount of cold air out there. we will keep its as not snow. see a few flakes. nothing that is going to amount anything at all. wind chill factors are in the 30's. not soture change, to what it compared hours ago. once the area of low pressure towards the north and east, the wins will pick up. this will happen tomorrow night and wednesday. 25 to 35 miles per hour. this is the timing of the rain, around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. we will see a good deal of sunshine on wednesday. here is our forecast for the overnight hours. it is going to be a soggy day. keep the umbrella handy. here is the extended outlook, temperatures warm as we end 2011. 53 degrees on friday and saturday. new year's eve appears to be dry. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving yo
more freedom. for everyone. >>> investigators in texas are questioning three deer hunters after a couple of students were shot. investigators were not say whether the shootings were accidental or intentional. the hunters have not been arrested. >>> parents call a miracle recovery. it has been a week since a model suffered a horrific injury. the propeller slashed into her face and cut off her left hand. she could lose her on. but her parents are focusing on her remarkable progress. she is able to raise both high rose. that does not sound like a duck but they were worried about a nerve on one side -- like a big deal, but they were worried about inner on one side. >>>>> this morning, ray lahood had a simple and sincere message. >> drive sober or get pulled over. >> he announced the kickoff of the holiday drunk driving crackdown. officials ruled that a new ad campaign to try to prevent drunken drivers. they also announced new statistics. then driving fatalities declined last year for the fifth straight year. on december 2010, 415 people across the country died as a result of drunk d
from canada to texas. the bill is expected to die in the senate. the white house believes that there will be cadile before tax breaks expire at the end of the year. >>> a familiar face is leaving abc's "this week's." christianne amanpour leaving she will return to cnn where she will take on a new position for cnn international. christianne amanpour she has been the host for a year-and-a- half. she will be replaced by george stephanopoulis. we're not sure how this latest move is going to affect george's weekday schedule. that is a lot of balance. >> how would you juggle all the? wish him the best of luck. >> still ahead on "good morning washington", you could say donal d trump fired >>> coming up, the very person expected to protect a child has been accused of taking that child's life. we have the very latest on the virginia father is charged with the murder of his two month old daughter. >> more on the ban proposed on cell phones
and south texas. bad air in the pacific northwest. sunny and mild unmost other spots. >> teens and 20s from fargo to chicago. 50s, 60s in the south. lots of 30s and 40s across the rest of the country. >> well people who have nice big driveways and garages might think this next video is nuts. a new york city driver finding a sparking space inches bigger than his car. determined to make it work the he does it with generous tapping of the car in front and back. >> we have all done the bump. done the bump. >> i have didn't. >> a man who looks out on the spot, saw the car wedged in the morning when he came home at night. he checked the security camera to see just how that was possible. >> it is so rude. >> all been there trying to squeeze. >> he went really far with that. >> the rubber bumpers on folks in new york. situation like that. >> bumper guard. >> an invesinvestn'tment -- investment. >> park is tough. it requires skichll. >> yes. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it
hinkley's brother scott from texas would say nothing to reporters outside but in court his lawyer paul lee vine argued that in 30 years there has not been a single instance where there has been a single act of violence. a 25-year-old john hinkley shot and wounded four people including president ronald reagan his intended target. acquitted he is now a 56-year-old patient who gets home visits, a low risk for danger to himself or others said the doctor at the hospital. but prosecutors say secret service agents will testify they have tailed him in his visits when his mother dropped him at the movies and he ended up looking at books on president ronald reagan and presidential assassinations and then lying and telling doctors about a movie he never saw. >> i think he should stay where he is. i think he's still dangerous. >> we didn't find a lot of sympathy for hinkley on the streets of d.c. >> i think he should stay in. >> i think people who attempt to assassinate presidents should be in prison and off the street. >> under the proposal, hinkley
with texas governor rick perry at saturday night's bet.10,000 >> it is an outrage that he raising the issue, so i put an outrageous number on the table. >> mitt romney campaigned in new .ampshire yesterday >>> poll showed that new lead.ch is increasing his time limits in. newt gingrich and jon huntsman everythingirtually during debate. >>> it is 31 degrees. >> coming up,, lady gaga will be making a return to our area. dinnerrmal given ton has been this angle. given ton has been this angle. and brings in the cold. because of our economy, millions more will feel that chill than ever before. they're the forgotten ones. the big boys have abused the system to enrich only themselves, while workers are still hurting. it could be a layoff after 22 years of working for the same company. or choorosing between food and heat for a s ak child. or after working your whole life, you don't have what you need to stay warm. you played by the rules, but who changed them? even though oil prices are soaring to record levels, in washington, fuel aid for the poor was cut in half. citizens energy asked big oil com
speaker is the favorite, with 25% of likely in iowa. texas congressman ron paul came in second at 18%. herman cain and michele bachman at eighth. comes weeks before the important caucus. >>> a missing dog found. wait until you hear the likeulous tale that sounds a movie. but it happened. we are in for -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. is it a robot? no. is it a jet plane? nope. is it a dinosaur? [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] inside every box of heart healthy cheerios are those great tasting little o's that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ [ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] >>> an incredible story of a local dog that was lost for years, and
before january 3. >> thank you very much. next, winter weather brings texas to a halt. >> we are watching our own around here.r ryan will tell us when we could see some snow. have theofficial, i latest. have some serious problems of their own. >>> there were special honors for a maryland state trooper. she has twice come back to work sustaining life- job.tening injuries on the once after being shot by a fugitive. that is a tough job. i was honored to be the emcee today's event. congratulations. >>> new battles brewing between in thepanies involved boy of oil disaster. -- in the gulf oil disaster. >> bp says the contractor deliberately destroyed evidence. they suggest halliburton failed evidence. halliburton denies the allegations. >>> it is going to cost a lot of money to fix union station. the earthquake damage the ceiling of the main hall. look at bat. -- that. there is scaffolding being put together to allow the repair without major disruption to visitors. >> there were places where you able to walk. >> we are told is going to take make all the repairs. youif you ride the megabus, seat
. house will accept the extension. whether the is will approve a between canada and texas. provision requires mr. obama make a swift decision. it we are learning about found and the of a baby jesus. it was returned today. that has caused a lot more questions. i had to look back to see if was there. the statute is there. police found it in not too far from here. found the alleged know whyt they don't he took it. -- they also found the alleged thief. it is back where it belongs. why would you steal baby jesus or anybody? it is christmas. it was a woman who stole this tuesday. baby jesus is back now due to a the woman who saw the alleged thief's facebook page. this afternoon, they brought it back and set it in its place. >> there is no need. we will buy you one if you want one that bad. >> representatives expressed thanks to everyone who find baby jesus and him home. they're trying to keep the for everyone to enjoy it. the mall has not asked police to yet but what punishment into mall goers think they should suffer? for this.ed this is a nativity scene. you just can't go and take stuff.
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of an economic impact. >>> much of the same was taking place in texas, where about 100 protesters linked arms at the port of houston. they forced cars and trucks to stop, before police arrested 20 people. the coordinated effort was billed as shutdown wall street on the waterfront. organizers say they're sending a message that their movement is not over. >>> iran's president is taking his usual defiant stance over that u.s. drone. earlier in the day, the white house officially asked that aircraft to be returned. but mahmoud ahmadinejad claimed that iranian experts were close to recovering data from the intelligence gathering systems. and says that plane is not going anywhere. >>> let's look at weather across the nation. up to 2 1/2 feet of mountain snow in the rockies. morning showers in southern california. all-day rain around phoenix and albuquerque. and from dallas to oklahoma city, kansas city and des moines. a wintry mix from denver to sioux falls and duluth. and morning fog in the pacific northwest. >> 37 in seattle. 54 in sacramento. and near 60 in phoenix. mostly 40s around the nation'
construction of a canada to texas oil pipeline. that's something that president obama said he would veto. the bill will likely die in the senate, which sets up another 11th-hour deadlock. >>> to politics now. newt gingrich has accepted the resignation of his iowa political director, after it was revealed that the man made negative remarks about mitt romney's religion. craig bergman referred to mormonism as a cult. >>> and donald trump is pulling out of the republican presidential debate he promised to host later on this month. trump wants to keep his options open, in case he decides to run for president after all. the debate was supposed to take place december 27th. >>> now, to that stunning turn in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. the former penn state coach showed up at court yesterday, where he was supposed to face his accusers. but instead, he waived his right to the hearing. he's simply ready to go to trial. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: jerry sandusky went to court with a secret. his trademark grin on his face, wife at his side. >> the mov
albuquerque. i-40, from amarillo to oklahoma city. and parts of i-10 and 20 across texas. wet on i-10, from new orleans to tallahassee. and i-40, from nashville to raleigh. rain soaks i-95, from d.c. up to maine. >> and if you're flying, airport delays are possible on the east coast, from boston to atlanta and in new orleans. >>> turning, now, to a pretty horrible story here. a young texas model and magazine editor is facing a long road to recovery after a horrific freak accident. >> she lost her left hand after walking right into a the propeller of a private plane. we get the latest from abc's lucy yang. >> reporter: she loved fashion. she wrote about it and talked about it. even started a magazine about it called "lolo." 21-year-old lauren scruggs is in a hospital. the young fashionista was flying around saturday night looking at christmas lights. what began as a holiday treat ended up costing the young model and fashion editor her left hand. officials believe when the plane landed at a small private airport, scruggs got off and in a bizarre accident, walked into the propeller, which slic
because its viability expired. >>> the new details about the murder-suicide in texas. a man dressed as santa claus shot and killed six relatives. investigators say he opened fire after the family opened their christmas gifts. the family had issues. investigators are trying to piece together what led to the tragedy. >>> a man suspected of shooting a soldier who had returned from afghanistan is now in custody. police say he shot christopher sullivan during a welcome home party friday night. investigators say he was shocked when he stepped into an argument between the shooter and his brother. he is partially paralyzed. >>> police say woman who was held hostage was saved because of facebook. she hid in the closet and posted on facebook that she and her son would be dead by morning if it were not rescued. someone who saw the post called police. a neighbor said she is glad facebook was available. >> it is another tool. i am not on it but all of my nieces or nephews are. >> police arrested the ex- boyfriend. he was booked into jail for kidnapping assault and other charges. >>> discouraging
you ask someone in texas if they want "bibig" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back. we want to a check on our top stories. thousands of people will gather at virginia tech today to say goodbye to a campus police officer shot and killed last week. 22-year-old ross ashley shot and killed officer deriek crouse in what appears to abandon an unprovoked attack. he later turned the gun on himself. >>> former penn state football coach joe paterno is in the hospital. he fell yesterday and broke his pelvis for a second time. he had previously done so when a player ran into him during practice. he is also being treated for lung cancer. prosecutors >>> could soon begin making their case against providing more freedom to the man who tried to kill former president ronald reagan. john hinckley is at st. elizabeths hospital in d.c. >>> drivers on 95 in virginia will start see
be hidden. >> today's protest is in response to what happened to this texas woman. >> i had this big blanket over me. >> she was nursing her son at a houston targets in late november when she was harassed by store employees. >> they started walking by and shaking their heads. they were rolling their eyes. what i am doing something so horrible. >> one worker threatened to have recited for indecent exposure. the nursing moms started a facebook page with 6000 members. nursing in public is every woman's right. >> when you get the nerve to feed them in public, it feels really good. to have someone tell users should not do that, it sucks. >> anything that -- anyone who has a problem with that is ignorant. >> 45 states and washington d.c. allowed women to breast feed in public. that includes texas. target issued this statement -- we are reporting live in alexandria. >> do you think stores to be able to ban breast feeding in public areas? we ask that question on our website and facebook page. you can go to our facebook page if you would like to join in on the conversation. >>> how about some convers
across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could sa you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back. two penn state to administrators accused of covering up a child sex abuse allegations against former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky are scheduled to be in court today. former vice president gary schultz and former netflix director tim curley are charged with perjury and billion to report child sexual abuse allegations. both men deny the charges. >>> form, and king barry bonds could face 21 months in prison when he learns his punishment today. >> a judge will sentence the baseball star this afternoon on an obstruction of justice charge the the stems from testimony gave to a federal grand jury in 2003. the will most likely put on probation instead of seeing jail time. >>> a lot of people upset this morning. bears receiver sam hurd will be bac
. >> a sprinkle of snow in arizona. in texas the first snow fell, covering everything. >> i did have to go for a walk. it is so beautiful. >> temperatures plunged in new mexico. forcing the closure of interstate 40. snow shovels of flu off the shelves. >> customers asking us to set aside heaters. >> drivers had to dodge black eyes in washington state. -- black ice in washington state. >> these guys came up with the jepps. -- jeeps. a group of jeep owners of volunteer their time rescuing stranded owners. the wind continues to blow in california. days after the santa ana to ravage the los angeles area, several surrounding communities are still without power. crews of been working to turn down the trees into fire was. -- firewood. >> are you ready? >> not at all. >> we are in the 60's and we have rain coming our way. early this morning, denver was five below zero, 9 inches of snow. patience. outside, it was a whonewet one. -- wet one. our temperature outside now remains 57 degrees. the first inch of snow we had in washington last year, december 16. i do not think it will be played tomorrow ni
of a controversial oil pipeline from canada to texas. president obama has threatened to veto the bill. >>> later today, president obama and the first lady will travel to fort bragg, north carolina to thank the soldiers for their sacrifices. this comes as the war in iraq comes to a close with all u.s. troops leaving that country by the end of this month. fort bragg has seen more than 200 troops killed in iraq. >>> turning out to the 2012 campaign. republican front runner newt gingrich may be losing his big lead in i am. >> is now out mitt romney who is closing the gap. the examiner reports that one poll puts texas congressman ron paul one point behind newt gingrich in iowa. they are both still trailing mitt romney. >> tea party a favorite christine o'donnell is throwing his support behind mitt romney she told fox news that mitt romney's executive experience played a key role in her decision. >>> donald trump has made a decision not to moderate in upcoming gop debate. he says he will bypass the debate because he may still want to run for president as an independent when his reality show ends in ma
my journey across america i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insuranance. >>>>> social media played a big role in getting the word out about the shooting yesterday. >> the school sent out the first alert at 7:00 p.m. and that alert -- at 12:37 p.m.. the alert was posted on twitter and a posted photographs on facebook. >>> over at penn state the wife of the accused child molester jury sandusky says her husband is innocent. dotty sandusky is talking about the charges for the first time after lawyers claimed she knew her husband was assaulting children in her palm. she called the accusations absolutely false -- false. he is accused of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. >>> police in alexandria are looking for who ever tried to attack a woman last night. it happened around 9:00 p.m. on east maple street. the woman told pol
feeding. they protested a woman's treatment at a target in texas. she said she was quoted -- told to go to a private area. women protested by nursing their babies in 10 local target stores. >> it is sad that people are unaware and think that feeding your child in public is something that should be hidden. >> texas and other states have laws allowing women to breast feed in public. target house apologized for the incident. it says it supports the right of mothers tuners wherever they feel comfortable. >> the obama administration is supposed to announce $30 billion worth of fighter jets to saudi arabia. one year ago they got the go- ahead on the deal. the plan have raised concerns with pro-israeli lawmakers. >>> with the iraq war over and troops in afghanistan starting to head home the pentagon is cutting jobs. officials tell the washington post they eliminated 27 positions for generals and admirals, part of a larger plan to shrink the upper ranks by 10%. >>> release could be on the way for thousands of hurricane katrina victims. fema is seeking to recover four hundred million dollars in
ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could sa you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> for many high school students, the idea of going to college is just a pipe dream. they offer a class on how to make college streams a reality. >> i have always wanted to go to college and be the first generation to go to college. >> her dream just make come true. for one. every other day at this high school students learn what it takes to get into college. >> work. you will have to work to get it. >> the yearlong program prepares high-school seniors for life after high school. >> how to make action plans and how to implement them. hopefully, that is something they can transfer to whatever they do at college and at work. >> it helps students write personal statements, fill out resumes, at and what could be application process. >> being in the program has been a life changing experience. >> i wal
other. >> texas governor rick perry his campaign filed a lawsuit challenging virginia's balata rule after he failed to qualify for the primary ballots in march. >> we want to be on the ballot . we think there is some conflict from the standpoint of being able to get on the ballot. we will get it worked out. >> former house speaker newt gingrich also failed to get on the virginia ballot. pieces that he will wage a write-in campaign, but virginia bans write-ins on a primary ballot. >>> nebraska senator ben nelson says that he will retire at the end of his current term. the 70-year-old democrat was facing a tough republican challenge. the gop needs to gain only four senate seats to take control of both chambers of congress. >>> the death toll in afghanistan climes. preserve its members died tuesday when a roadside bomb exploded in an eastern province. no other details have been released so far. -- nato said that some service members died on tuesday. >>> the pentagon says having a parade for iraq veterans while still have troops in afghanistan would send the wrong message. >>> it is 43
going back to the scene. the monday forecast. flood advisories in 11 states. texas to ohio. heavy rain, little rock, louisville, cincinnati. hitting the northeast tonight. wet along the gulf coast. heavy snow across new mexico, west texas. very windy in california. >> 56 in sacramento. and 30 in boise. 11, colorado springs. fargo, teens. chicago hits 40. near 60, baltimore. 65, atlanta. rainy 77 in new orleans. >>> kind of ready for some snow. no? >> i'm not. it is starting to get so cold. >> you get the sweaters out. >> for christmas i would be into it. white christmas. >> just for picture perfect. december 26th you're out of here snow. >> done. >> politics and art came together at kennedy center in washington last night. president obama and the first lady presided over celebration of the kennedy center honors. >> saxophonist sunny rollins, barbara cook, singer neil diamond, actress meryl streep, and cellist yoyo ma were honored. >> among performances neil diamond's "sweet carolyn" sung to caroline kennedy who hosts the annual event. >> i love that. love the first lady in the blue dre
. the same storm that left parts of california, new mexico and texas covered in snow and ice is now on the move. until now, temperatures here in the northeast have been downright balmy, a great couple days here last two weeks. but now in for a rude, cold awakening. we get more on this from abc's diana alvear, good morning, diana. >> reporter: rob, sunny, good morning. winter may not have officially started but it sure feels like it has the especially for people in states like texas and washington state where some of the roads were as white as my sweater. a sprinkle of snow, coats cactuses in airs one of several states shivering from a blast of cold canadian air. in texas the first snow fefl covering everything in white. >> i just had to go for a walk it is so beautiful out here. >> reporter: temperatures plunged in new mexico. forcing the closure of interstate 40. snow shovels and other winter supplies flew off the shelves. >> customers calling in, asking us to set aside heaters and, set aside ice melts. >> reporter: drivers had to dodge black ice in washington state. some without s
. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm jim sciutto in dallas, texas. >> something on the back of your head there, philip. thank you, jim. and thank you for watching abc news. and we'd like to thank all the amazing people whose names you're about to see. their blood, sweat tears and smarts that made "nightline" the number one show in late night again. and we all hope you have a happy new year, america.
, freezing rain in the texas panhandle. rainy around dallas. >> warm 77 in miami. 66 in atlanta. 54 in new york. upper 30s, detroit. omaha, 30 in minneapolis. cool 59 in phoenix. 41 in colorado springs. >>> well they did the honors earlier this week here in new york lighting a christmas tree in rockefeller center. >> last night in washington it was president obama's turn. >> three, two, one! >> just like that, the national christmas tree was all aglow behind the white house. >> 89th year for lighting a tradition that began in 1923 with president calvin coolidge. this is a new tree this year. planted back in march, the previous one was actually blown over by strong winds last winter. >> nice it is planted there. right. >> it is there. >> all right, we'll be back with more "world news now" right after this. ♪ the christmas tree at the christmas party hop ♪ ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see every couple tries to stop ♪ scratching would just turn him off. maybe i'll...oops. [ scratching, sighs ] [ female announcer ] try a better way, new head & shoulders itchy scalp care with eucalypt
: just a few hours ago, staff sergeant corder made it home, to ft. hood, texas. and he got that hug and kiss. >> i could not be prouder of you. and america could not be prouder of you. >> welcome home to
neighborhood. but that was in texas. can you a match in their power bill? deck the halls. there is still time for you to sign up for our latest facebook giveaway. >>> we are giving away another ipad 2. all you have to do is go to wjla.com/facebook. we will announce the winner this friday on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> it is the holiday season. >>> 59 degrees outside. >>> an interesting new study on the life expectancy of u.s. president. how would contradict the idea that being commander in chief ugh, time to color. woohoo! whoa. haircolor is a chore no more! you gotta come see what's new. c'mon! tadaaa! welcome to haircolor heaven. aa-ah-ahhh! courtesy of new nice 'n easy colorblend foam. permanent, dimensional color now in a delightful foam! just three shakes, foam it, love it! simply saturate hair root to tip, front to back. with tones and highlights. it's foamtastic! home haircolor make room for foam haircolor! new nice 'n easy colorblend foam. your right color.
a demonstration at target stores across the country, in response to one woman's treatment and texas. the mother said she was harassed when she sat on the floor in the women's clothing section to breast feed her baby. >> is really sad that people are so unaware and they still think that feeding your child in public is something that should be hidden. >> 45 states and washington, d.c. have laws allowing women to breast feed in public. pardon issued a statement saying that guests are welcome to breast feed -- target issued a statement saying that guests are welcome to breast feed their children in public areas. >>> coming up, the gop candidates. also vincent gray faces a potential problem. plus, the police have cracked down a suspected serial killer, but it may be harder for them to arrest him. >> get ready for a warmup in time for new year's eve but but it. but then a big change in store after that. >>> presidential candidate rick perry has fire out -- has filed an emergency paper to get on the ballot in virginia. each kit it needed to end of the signatures of registered voters, it reached bigges
onononononononono, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> announcer: "nightline" continues from new york city with terry moran. >> and welcome back. well, when it comes to the ancient art of romance, some men use flowers. some use chocolates. others put their faith in astrology. but three young men say they've elevated the art of seduction into a science. they call their technique the simple pickup. and they say that anyone can learn their signature moves. abc's sharyn alfonsi put them to the test in new york city. >> reporter: that's kong. >> hi. >> reporter: he's wearing a tooth fairy costume. >> stop. let me see this. >> reporter: and, yes, he's hitting on a girl he just met. >> i'm sorry. i just checked you out. i want to hang out with you again. >> okay, sure. >> reporter: and yes, for some reason, she's giving him her phone num
and watertown will get six to ten inches of snow. that's the arctic blast. we have rain in east texas and toward, probably florida. south florida gets showers today. 36 degrees at reagan national airport and gaithersburg at 30 degrees. front is just off to the west and will come in direction over the next 24 directions. signal a change in direction and colder air for the upcoming weekend. the next 48 hours, we will clear things out nicely for tomorrow with bright sunshine today, 48-53 degrees. tonight, tempe >> more from sam, coming up. >>> he wanted me to tell you that this holiday season, the present you might not have appreciated in the past is more likely than ever to be under your tree. abc's david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: for the mannheim steamroller crowd, the christmas sweater has long been a fashion must. >> hi. >> reporter: like david beckham? reindeer cardigans must be cool. clark w. griswold and bridget jones would be happy to note, the ugly sweater has come back in a big way. on "modern family" this week, cam sported a snowman sweater vest. >> it's my christmas sweater
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